Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creating a Positive Vibe

A friend recently asked me about cleansing the energy of a room and I responded to her in detail in a article in my other blog, Walk with Me, entitled "Cleansing the Energy of a Space"

These same principles; or adaptations of them to your personal taste can be used to firstly cleanse a space and then attune that space to achieving your personal goals, be they spiritual, emotional, physical and material.

Using regular practices to promote the intent for abundance and the accomplishment of your personal milestones is an excellent way to mentally re-enforce your intention for success, harmony and abundance.

Along with this I can suggest doing some recent on the Internet on some basic Feng Shui (wikipedia).

A great example of creating particular thought patterns is a practice I particularly like of my mothers'. Everywhere around her apartment she has small containers full to the brim with change - she dumps her change into them whenever she gets home, or ends up with small piles of money in various places on any flat surfaces (that's just the way she is with money)... but it has the effect of constantly having an abundant source of money within arms reach almost any time. This transcends from just the small containers of change and odd piles of money scattered ontop a table and manifests it in the rest of her life, where she maintains relative comfort and a lifestyle she is appy with.

Decorating a room in particular colours that you associate with your desired outcome can also be another helpful option for establishing the desired outcomes in your life.

The attitudes of the people that you co-occupy your space with also I feel have a great impact on the mental state and thought processes of those around. It's easy to see this at work on a day to day level when the biological processes syncronise and body language, sub concious activity and even psychic connectness of people co-habitating develops and demonstrates itself over time.

Encouraging the people around you to share your passion for your goals and the vibe you wish to establish in any given space, but the important thing to remember when doing this is that it is your personal goal and passion that you are inviting them to participate in - don't expect them to own it and have the passion you do, though if this does occur and they are willing to put some energy into establishing this with you then the results can even be more powerful.

May all beings be happy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Importance of Goals

So often I meet people who say "nothing ever goes my way - I'll never be happy."

The first question I have for anyone like this is; well what will make you happy? what do you want? Most of the time they'll answer with things they don't like, things they aren't happy about and things that get them down. Listen to my question again, please... "what will make you happy?"

In my first post I mentioned my overarching goal. Take something broad; you'll find something really gels well, use it... otherwise disregard it and keep looking. It doesn't have to be perfect, you can fine tune it later. What you're looking for here is something to strive for.

I have a favourite quote I regularly use, I'm sure one of the giants whose shoulders I stand upon should be credited, but I'm unsure as to whom to credit but it is; "a focus on survival is detrimental to thriving."

Go - thrive.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to Charged Creation!

Let me welcome you to my new blog with a focus on creating the abundance around us that we all deserve and that the cosmic wants to provide us.

My focus is on positive advice that every day people can apply every day regardless of background, belief or situation. We'll also take a look at the material available out there on the internet and other media, make recommendations and reviews.

You already have everything you need to produce positive charged creation in your life and the lives around you, you have already taken the first step in creating the life that you want.

My personal goal with this blog is to provide practical day to day advice that I find works for myself and hope that I can help you apply to your life. This fits under my overarching personal goal for continual personal development on all levels - this overarching goal is something that all my other goals be they material/physical, spiritual and mental fit into this overarching goal and directly contribute to it's delivery.

The reason I bring up goals in this first post - is the important they have on creating your future. There comes a point when people faced with infinite possibilities seem overwhelmed... finding an overarching goal that you have firm belief will bring you happiness will help immensely in filling in the short term, medium term and longer term more practical "milestone" goals.

We'll take a look at goals a little more in the future and how we can start taking positive action to reach your desired outcomes.